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Charles Mugisha Of ANLM

Charles Mugisha Of ANLM
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Charles Mugisha Of ANLM

Charles Mugisha Of ANLM

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Acre Gold

Acre Gold

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Young Life Boise "Roots"

Young Life Boise "Roots"

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kenny barrett

Kenny spent 10 years in youth ministry before picking up a camera.  A chance assignment to film announcement videos led to the discovery of an undiscovered passion and talent for filmmaking. He became a student of the craft of storytelling and in the technical skills of videography. Over the years, videography has become a way of life for Kenny.  He has traveled around the world to film stories and, in 2019, launched into full-time video production.

 Kenny has lived in Boise, ID for 10 years with his wife and two kids. You might find him rollerblading with his dog, Gunny, or riding the mountain roads on his Harley. 


On Site Production 

Half-Day Rates: $750

Full-Day Rates: $1200

Pre-Post Production

Day Rate: $800

Hourly Rate: $150


Half Day: 4 hours or less

Full Day: 8 Hours or less 

Including access to all gear 

Pricing subject to varying 

Video Retainer package 


A video retainer package is an agreement between a client and me, Kenny Barrett to work together on more than one project or goal for an extended period of time. I provide you with more content at better rates. Your retainer fee is usually paid monthly or quarterly and reserves a predetermined set of the my services to be directed towards your marketing goals. Video retainer packages have many benefits for both I and our client, the most significant being the development of a deeper relationship that allows for more consistent progress towards marketing goals than working on a project by project basis.  A video retainer package is perfect for businesses who need video services on a monthly basis, but don’t want the overhead of hiring a full time video department.  



I offer packages that will satisfy any workload. Every package is customized to deliver the on-going video content you need to meet your goals. My packages cost less than what you would pay your own staff while maintaining the flexibility to scale and fit any project as its needs change.  Also, as a video retainer client, your jobs are always sent to the front of the line! Whether you need assistance with overflow in your marketing department or need to hire a production crew on an ongoing basis – I’m here to do your heavy lifting. 



I based my plan on the two types of videos I typically produce for my clients. We’ll call them Basic videos and Advanced videos. 

  • A Basic video is, well, just a basic video. Maybe you only need some raw video shot and handed over. Maybe you already have video and just need it edited. Or maybe you need me to shoot and edit a simple 30 second to 1 minute video. Regardless, it’s the type of thing that tends to require less production time on my end.

  • Advanced videos, we take a more in-depth approach to create these.  They require planning, multiple cameras, lighting equipment, audio packages, stabilizing equipment and sometimes a full video crew when the job calls for it.    

What is this points system?  It’s pretty simple actually:

  • 1-point for a Basic video

  • 2-points for an Advanced video


The client pays a monthly fee for a certain amount of production points that can be used over the course of a quarter.  So let’s say we agree to 6 points per quarter. You could then use those points for any combination of videos you prefer. For example, two advanced videos and two basic videos. Or, maybe you want six basic videos. The idea is the production points system allows a client to customize the retainer according to your communication needs. And remember… you’re not on your own here. I’m happy to help you plan how to use these points. I don’t want them to go to waste! 

Now, you might be wondering… what if we don’t produce a video one month? No problem. The points system allows you to spend points over the course of a quarter, not by the month. This tends to solve that problem, but even if you have leftover points at the end of the quarter, we’ll have a deal in place to rollover at least some of those leftovers. 


4 points per quarter


Basic Video = 1 point

Advanced Video = 2 points


8 points per quarter


Basic Video = 1 point

Advanced Video = 2 points


14 points per quarter


Basic Video = 1 point

Advanced Video = 2 points

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