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Videographer Retainer Services

We specialize in custom-building your videographer retainer around your organization's budget and video needs.  Below are some examples of what a video retainer could look like. 

Example 1

Videographer Retainer

Your organization needs various types of videos from small to big.  You like the idea of having some God Stories, but also need some broader/vision type of videos as well as a major event filmed next year.

• 4 "God Story" videos
  3-6 minute testimonies and stories

• 2 Announcement videos
  1-2 minute shorts highlighting upcoming events, changes,

  various opportunities for serving, etc

• 1 creative/vision video
  for website, marketing, promotion, or social media use, etc.

• 1 church-wide event video
  Easter, Christmas, baptisms, special events, etc

12 payments of $420

or $5000

Example 2 Videographer Retainer

Your church leadership loves the idea of sharing God Stories on a regular basis. You want to focus on filming stories over the next year and showing them often.  You also want small clips to show on your social media pages.

  • 12 "God Story" videos

      3-6 minute testimonies and stories 

  • 12 short cuts for social media 

       30 seconds-1 minute highlight from each God Story

  • End of Year highlight reel 

       3-4 minute highlight of God Stories shown from the previous year ​

12 payments of $550

or $6600

Example 3

Videographer Retainer

Your nonprofit needs to focus on fundraising during the next year.  You want multiple short videos and images for raising awareness on social media.  You have two big fundraisers that you need several videos for.  

  • 2 Creative/Vision videos for fundraising

       5-6 minute films that cinematically communicate the impact and vision of your nonprofit

  • 4 Story-driven videos that communicate how your nonprofit helps individual lives

       3-5 minute short films that tell stories- the most powerful way to raise awareness

  • 24 short social media videos

        30 second clips for sharing on social media and email marketing

  • 24 still images

        images are taken from raw footage that are shareable on social media and email marketing

12 payments of $687

or $8250

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