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Freelance Videography Services

Wedding Videography

Wedding Videography

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Wedding Videography




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Business Marketing


Short Films

short films

Media Production Servies

Video Production

  • Website videos

  • Short films and photos for social media promotion

  • 1 minute quick films for Social Media 

  • Story-driven films for events (usually 4-6 minutes in length)

  • Highlight films (recapping an event, an end-of-year film, highlights of specific project or event)

  • Donor or recipient stories

  • Promotional films

  • International travel to film for nonprofit organizations

Consulting and Training

  • Consulting and Training for helping your organization be able to make their own videos

  • Marketing ideas and direction for your organization

  • Hands-on teaching in gear, set-up, camera equipment, lighting, editing, etc

Website and Marketing

  • Original website design and improving existing websites

  • Creating custom email domains​

  • Marketing consulting and planning

  • Marketing through social media 

Other Services

  • VHS digital conversion to USB drive

  • 8mm tape digital conversion to USB drive

  • Photo slide shows