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5 Misconceptions About Birth Videography

So you are pregnant, and you want to remember this special time forever. You may plan a babymoon, register with, and track the fruit-or-vegetable-equivalent of how big your baby is at each week. You may even have a plaster mold made of your nice-sized belly or hire a maternity photographer to take photos of you in all your “glowing” glory. There’s something else you have thought about, probably almost every day: labor. You may be excited or scared, or undoubtedly some combination of the two. This day often goes by so quickly, but it can seem like ages to get there. So, will you hire a professional to help you remember this day, one of the most important days in your life? Here are 5 common misconceptions about hiring a videographer to capture your labor and the birth of your baby:

 1. A birth film shows your vagina. -  FALSE A good videographer will never get in your private space and film the baby actually coming out of the birth canal (unless that is what you want).  Find a video production company that specializes in birth videography and has practice getting the best shots without being invasive. A good videographer will stay to your side or behind your head and won’t impose themselves on the labor process.  

2. A videographer will invade your privacy. -  FALSE You might be worried about having an extra person in the delivery room. A good videographer will cater to your privacy preferences. You may be able to choose a female videographer option if you think you might feel more comfortable. Your birth film should never show anything you don’t want seen, and it should be shareable with friends and family.

3. It costs too much money. -  FALSE You may think the cost of a birth film might be out of your budget. Consider how much you spent on your wedding photos or video, or didn’t, and wish you had. In my experience, the friend of a friend who took my wedding pictures for $200 was not worth even that. I should have coughed up more considering the magnitude of the day. The cost may be higher than you imagine, but you should consider if you will regret not hiring a professional.  There are few days in your life as special a wedding or a baby being born. It’s worth it.  

 4. My [mom, husband, etc] can take beautiful pictures. -  FALSE Your mother-in-law filming everything on her iPhone? She may decide to get right in there and film the crowning, pushing, hairy, screaming mess of birth. No thanks, I don’t want to remember that, and I certainly don’t want my boss to see that on Facebook. The thing is, you will need your loved ones to support you in whatever way you need on this day. They may think they can take on double-duty of snapping some pictures and rubbing your lower back for 5 hours, but believe me, you won’t want that. You will want whoever is supporting you to be fully present and capable of not missing a moment to swipe to portrait mode.

5. I'm not having a vaginal delivery, so I can't have a birth film. -  FALSE There are many choices in how to capture your moment of having a child.  There is a birth story to be told, even if there is not any laboring. You can have a birth videographer standing by to get in the recovery room as soon as possible to get those first precious moments. You can also provide a narration of the day to remember all the details before they are forgotten.  You may have an adoption story to tell, and a good videographer is, at heart, a storyteller. 

Hiring a birth videographer is an important decision. A birth highlight film will be a priceless heirloom for your child, and for you. You are giving birth! You should get something special in return! (Idea for a push present?? Anyone?? Anyone??)

There are so many details you won’t remember, and hiring someone to capture them for you is a win all day long. If you hire a videographer, he or she can provide you with both still photographs and an amazing highlight film to share with your friends and family.

A good birth videographer will meet with you ahead of time so you can get to know them. You can get a sense if they are someone that would be intrusive or disruptive, and you should ask them about their shooting process. Will they have a giant photography light in the room and be asking you to pose mid-contraction? (Hopefully not!) Will they slink against the wall and you won’t even know they are there? (Hopefully yes!) Do they have past clients who could tell you about how intrusive or not it was having a professional in the room? Let your instinct be your guide. After all, you are the best person who can make this decision.


Chelsea is a part of the husband-wife team at Skypark Films, a video production company specializing in birth highlight films. She likes writing, traveling, and adventuring with her family in Idaho. See more of her on Instagram @chbarrett817 and at


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