What's it like to have a birth videographer? 

Skypark Films did a FANTASTIC birth video that I will cherish forever! I was originally hesitant about doing this type of film but they made me feel so comfortable and let me decide how modest I wanted it to be. Chelsea was a blessing to have in the delivery room. I hardly noticed her and when I did, she was an encouraging, friendly face! I would highly recommend using them to capture one of the most amazing moments of your life!!

Amanda, Boise ID
Baby Ezra born June 2019
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If you’re expecting and considering someone to tell your birth story (or even if you haven’t considered it), I cannot recommend Kenny and Chelsea Barrett of Skypark Films more highly. Absolutely incredible storytelling through film. So much about Isaac’s birth story was very different from my other two, and I’m so thankful Kenny was our ridiculously talented, observant-artist-fly-on-the-wall throughout Isaac’s birth. He spent most of my labor and delivery completely forgotten and utterly unobtrusive, but gave me the most precious gift with irreplaceable value. I can’t give birth to Isaac again, but I’ll always be able to remember the miracle of his birth (and the most precious people in the world to me present in the room during his birth) thanks to Kenny. I highly recommend checking out their filmography and unique, gorgeous birth story approach! Best decision we made! 

Lori, Boise ID
Baby Isaac born May 2019
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Skypark Films has created a beautiful gift for my family. I could not have imagined how wonderful the film turned out. Kenny truly has an eye for capturing the essence and emotions of a moment. Chelsea was an encouraging voice. She supported me and my husband to endure throughout the labor. Kenny and Chelsea were genuinely there to celebrate the miracle of birth all the while creating a film that I can share with mine and my husband's family. I am forever grateful for the gift they have given, and look forward to sharing with my daughter one day.

Ellie, Boise ID
Baby Elouise born June 2019
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